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The Hotel is very close to the sea-beach leaving sufficient distance for ensuring safety in respect of high tide, The dense casurina plantation in between the beach and the hotel enhances such safety besides protection against sandy-wind from the sea.. The beach is infested with infinite number of red crabs which play hide and seek in the sand. Their presense makes the beach look crimson. There are fishermen's villages in the visinity, where one can observe the mundane life of fisherman. Just 1 km away is a lagoon with a pleasnat surrounding.

Tajpur beach is virgin one and situated between Mandarmoni and Shankarpur i.e east of Digha. By road it is 17 KM from Digha along the Kanthi-Digha Road. It is newly developed as a sea-rerort with hotels. Sagar Kinare provides the best hospitality with all modern facilities for luxury stay.

Sagar Kinare Tajpur      Sagar Kinare Hotel

sagarkinare hotel tajpur      sagarkinare at night The location of Hotel Sagar Kinare is closest from the sea beach. Only the casuarina jungle separates the sea beach and the hotel. The casuarina jungle is seen from the hotel. The beach is full of red crabs.


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